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Why did Donald Trump get his golf course?

The president got his golf courses built on the shores of Lake Mead, a vast lake in Nevada, the Associated Press reports.Trump spent nearly $200 million on the project, which included the purchase of a lakefront golf course on Lake Mead and the purchase and maintenance of other golf courses on the lakefront.The president also […]

How to build a golf course from scratch

Posted June 04, 2019 10:37:47 An Australian golf course is being built from scratch, thanks to the ingenuity of one of its designers.Key points:The Australian Golf Course was built by a designer who says he is “totally crazy” and “a real genius”It will cost around $200 million to build the course in MelbourneThe designer, a […]

‘No’ to golf course at home for kids

The FourFourSecond’s new app is available to all users who log into their accounts on the app at least once a week.It has been available since August 3 and was originally launched to promote the site’s new launch.Users who log in to the app daily will also get an invite to the new “No” button.The […]