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N.J. golf courses get free certification

N.Y.C. golfer Scott Miller had to spend more than a year learning how to play golf at the Free and Certified Golf Courses of the United States.His course in New York City is one of several courses that have received a certification from the country’s top golf tour.The Free and CGC courses provide courses for […]

How long will the golf course stay open?

The long-awaited gleneagles Golf Course will remain open for the duration of the war, with Israel giving the green light to its last remaining recreational facility, but it may not stay open forever.Israel is currently considering a temporary ban on the golf courses that have been operating for the past three decades, but the plan […]

How to play Fortnite and find out which golf course is yours

The first Fortnites, available in the United States and Canada on October 1st, have been an instant hit, spawning several spin-offs and expanding the game’s reach.The latest Fortnits add a new dimension to the game by offering a full-fledged multiplayer mode.But, unlike its predecessors, Fortnit has gone to great lengths to create an online experience […]

Which golf course is the best in California?

A new study says the top-ranked golf course in the state is in California, and it is not just because of the weather.The Top of the World Golf Course, which opened in 2016, is one of the most popular and prestigious courses in the world.But it has also earned the nickname of the ‘most overpriced’ […]