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What is the best place to live in Denver?

DENVER — It’s the question that keeps coming up when you think of a destination for a golfer who wants to play in the highest-rated tournaments.The question is asked of many, and the answer is often, well, you know, Denver.But a recent analysis of data from the Coors National Golf Course and The Fortnite Golf […]

When will the golf course be open?

When the Tennessee Golf Course will be open for golf is anyone’s guess, but the Golf Course Commission has not yet set an exact date for when the golf courses first will open.But a source close to the project says it’s “hopeful” to open in 2020.And there’s a good chance the Golf Courses next major […]

New Yale course search: Who is eligible?

Searching for a new course at the new Yankee Stadium will require you to have a degree in business or a related field.If you’re an undergrad, graduate, or a full-time student, you can apply to take the course online.If that’s not your field, you’ll need to go to an online registration site and apply for […]

N.J. golf courses get free certification

N.Y.C. golfer Scott Miller had to spend more than a year learning how to play golf at the Free and Certified Golf Courses of the United States.His course in New York City is one of several courses that have received a certification from the country’s top golf tour.The Free and CGC courses provide courses for […]