Posted November 05, 2018 16:34:49 A week ago, the WA Government announced that the first two-day golf course at Snohomis Country Club would reopen on the Sunshine Coast.

That meant that Perth’s iconic Peach Course would return to the Sunshine coast and Perth’s popular Stirling Country Club and Snohomas Golf Course would be available to visitors.

But the Sunshine Country Club is not the only course in the Sunshine.

There are a number of golf courses throughout the state, including: Brisbane Country Club, a small community golf course that opened in 2014 in South Australia’s South West.

And then there’s the Perth Golf Course.

The only course open to visitors in the northern suburbs of Perth, the Perth golf course is popular with families.

“The golf course was opened in 2003 as a small recreation centre,” says local resident Paul Jones.

“[It was] in a very old town on the outskirts of the city.

The golfers came through the old town, but the club is just one of the many that exist in the city.”

Paul Jones says he’s keen to see a repeat of the Sunshine Golf Course, which was open to golfers for more than 100 years.

What’s happening with the Sunshine golf course?

The Sunshine Golf Club opened in March 2019.

The golf course closed in June 2021.

In the summer of 2018, a large amount of water started leaking out of the hole at the back of the course.

A lot of it came out of drains and it caused a lot of damage to the hole.

It’s not clear what caused the water to get into the hole and then leaked out.

By March 2019, it was clear that it would take a long time for the hole to be fixed.

On April 20, 2019, a massive amount of the water that leaked out of a hole at Perth’s Sunshine Golf course was dumped into the Yarra River, which runs through the area.

Water started to drain off the golf course.

It was not clear when it would be repaired.

One of the problems is that a lot more of the damage has happened in the winter, meaning that the hole is getting wet in winter months.

How to watch Melbourne golf courses The Sunshine Country club and the Perth Country Club are just two of the state’s golf courses that are open to the public.

The state has a number more golf courses.

Some of them are open for only one day a week.

The Sunshine Golf Courses include: The Perth Golf Cours are open weekdays and weekends.

There are seven different courses in South and North Victoria.

You can visit the Sunshine and North Golf courses on a weekend day.

Pembroke Golf Course is open to all visitors for only a single day a year.

Coburg Island Golf Course and Northland Golf Course are open every day, and offer two-and-a-half-day round-trips.

Golfers can also enjoy the Sunshine Beach and Sunshine Lakes golf courses and nearby picnic areas.