Coursera has announced that it is launching a free course course evaluation tool.

The new tool will allow students to submit reviews of courses that are offered by various educational institutions.

The program, launched by Udemy, aims to help educators provide a more accurate and comprehensive way to determine the quality of a course, with the goal of making courses more accessible and engaging.

The tool will be available in the next few weeks, according to Courseras spokesperson, Michael Bauch.

The company is looking to raise $30 million to develop the program, which is being built on a subscription model.

As the company puts it, the goal is to “enable a wider range of courses, with more courses available in each geographic region.”

Courserates program will allow users to post reviews for courses in any geographic region, and it will automatically add a “recommended” rating to a course.

Courserations app is already available in China, but the company is aiming to add more countries as well.

The service will also allow users the ability to view reviews and feedback for courses, and can display recommendations for courses on courses that have received a “very good” or “very poor” rating.