Posted June 04, 2019 10:37:47 An Australian golf course is being built from scratch, thanks to the ingenuity of one of its designers.

Key points:The Australian Golf Course was built by a designer who says he is “totally crazy” and “a real genius”It will cost around $200 million to build the course in MelbourneThe designer, a former university student, is working with local councils to find a partner for the projectA new golf course in Victoria has received an unprecedented $20 million investment from a billionaire who says it will be the most expensive course ever built.

Key Points:The design was designed by a former college student who says his genius is to build “a truly world-class golf course”In this case, the design was the brainchild of a retired university student who has developed a business plan for the course, The Courier-Mail has reported.

The new $20-million golf course will be built by the Melbourne-based design firm of renowned architect and urban planner, David Blenkinsop.

The plan is to install more than 400,000 golf courses across Australia and is set to be the biggest investment in the Australian golf industry in history.

But the course’s architect, David Blankensop, says he isn’t crazy.

“I think this is an incredible opportunity for us, to build something truly world class,” he said.

“It’s a brilliant project.

I think it’s a fantastic thing to be building, a world-renowned project, a spectacular piece of golf infrastructure, and I think we’ve got a winner.”

Mr Blankensos plans to take a group of locals and local businesses together to create a partnership that will help build the $200-million project.

Mr Blankinsop is known as the “World’s Greatest Golf Architect” for his architectural work in Australia and in Europe.

The Australian golf project has been a passion project for Mr Blankensops since he graduated from university in 2013.

“When I graduated I said to myself I want to become a designer, to create something that was unique, that was going to be something different, that I could be proud of,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Golf Matters podcast.

“So I’ve been working with locals and with local businesses, I’ve got this project that I’ve put together.”

David BlankensOPEN THE HIGHLIGHTS The design of the new golf development, designed by David Blankinsops.

In this video, David describes the project and the “world-class design” that is behind it.

Mr Blensops has been building golf courses for the past 30 years.

He built the original Royal Melbourne Golf Club, which is still used for competitions, and is a co-founder of The Golf Company, which sells courses and courses and other products to local and international clubs.

“The idea for this project came about from my desire to create some new challenges in the golf industry,” he explained.

“We’ve been able to build this course from the ground up, from the bottom up.”

The first two courses at the project will be in Melbourne and Victoria.

“If you think about the golf course as a golf bag that has a hole in it, this is the exact opposite,” he added.

“This is a golf club that’s been built from the soil.”

The final project will also be in Perth, and will be part of a partnership between the Perth Golf Club and Mr Blankinsos, and with a partner in development from the same state.

Mr Ricker, the Perth club’s executive director, said he was excited about the project.

“A lot of people are going to see this and see this beautiful golf course and we’re hoping to be able to show that it’s going to have a very big impact on the economy of Perth and on the lives of the people living in Perth,” he described.

“In particular, it’s very important for young people to be playing in the first hole, because that’s where their future is, their future as a golfer, their career is.”

The design will be completed by the end of the year.

“David is one of the most creative people that I have worked with,” Mr Ricker said.

“I think he has a great idea and I’m very excited to see how this project goes.”