Month: August 2021

N.J. golf courses get free certification

N.Y.C. golfer Scott Miller had to spend more than a year learning how to play golf at the Free and Certified Golf Courses of the United States.His course in New York City is one of several courses that have received a certification from the country’s top golf tour.The Free and CGC courses provide courses for […]

How to make a $2,500,000 bike race

By Kate HaysPublished May 23, 2019 12:01:22When you’re talking about a multimillion-dollar racing series, you’re probably talking about some sort of massive obstacle course.But what if the idea was to put the sport of cycling in front of kids and adults of all ages?That’s what a new project called Unicorn Golf Course has been aiming […]

Why do golf courses have to be defended?

A lot of golf courses, from the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links in California to the legendary Oakmont Golf Club in Michigan, are built with defensive driving courses in mind.As a result, many courses have defensive lanes on the inside of the fairway, or the outer half of the ball.The theory behind this is that […]

Cars are now driving themselves through virtual reality as the industry prepares for an all-out race to get the best virtual reality system on the market

The virtual reality revolution is here.But the real competition is coming from manufacturers like Google and Amazon.This week, the biggest company in the world is expected to launch its own VR headset, the Google Cardboard, which is projected to launch in 2019.Google has already introduced its Cardboard in its Google Play store.It’s available in the […]

How to teach your dog to be a good neighbor

The dog agility competition is over.And with it comes the question: What can a dog learn from a life-long, competitive dog handler who has mastered the art of dog agility?The answer: Nothing.Dog trainers say the sport, which has been around for at least a century, is too old-fashioned for the modern era, where dogs are […]

How to win $500 at golf courses

If you’ve been to a golf course before, chances are you have a fair amount of questions about its design, layout, and amenities.But, what you might not know is that many of these questions are also going to be answered by the golf course itself.When the Great Lakes opened, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) […]