Pitman, Ky.

— — Top-rated Kentucky golier Zach Johnson won the Kentucky Open on Saturday, earning a victory over top-seeded North Carolina’s Ryan Hatton and securing the top spot in the tournament.

Johnson tied with North Carolina leader Justin Kiley for the tournament lead with five rounds to play.

The two players each shot under 60 percent for the remainder of the round, and the first three holes went to a draw.

Johnson was the first Kentucky player to make the cut in the Top 20 since 2016, when Nick Lutz was ranked No. 2 and Dustin Hopkins was ranked Nos.

3 and 4.

Kentucky is currently in a playoff spot, and Johnson will play the winner of the New Jersey-based tournament.

Kent State has won four of its last five tournaments, and a Top 10 finish in Kentucky would earn the Spartans a spot in a bowl game.