It is a golf course that is currently in the process of being completely revamped. 

The historic Colonial Golf Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia has seen a renaissance in recent years, but it was not always this way.

The original Colonial was built in 1859 as a boarding school.

It was the first of many boarding schools that were founded in the early 1900s.

As a result of the Great Migration, many of the people who were housed in the Colonial ended up moving to other parts of the country.

Many of those people settled in the region and built this course.

The course was built around 1891 as a charter school and was initially called “Pawnee Academy.”

Its not a bad name, and the course is a pretty good course for a charter, but the school never actually used it as a classroom.

In the early 1930s, when the course was renamed the Colonial, it was renamed “Pate’s Academy.”

The school was shut down in 1963, and was later sold to the National Golf Foundation.

Pate Academy opened its doors in the mid-1950s.

The new name meant that Pate, who had worked as a private tutor in the late 1800s, was now teaching golf.

After nearly two decades of operating at a loss, the Pate Academy closed its doors and was turned into a charter charter school.

But it is not known what happened to Pate’s students, and they are buried in the cemetery.

A plaque was installed on the entrance of the cemetery where the school once stood.

When I visited the cemetery in early 2019, I found it empty.

I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

While it may seem like a boring old cemetery, this is actually a beautiful one.

It’s a very beautiful spot.

There are a lot of beautiful graves in the area, but I couldn’t find any where there was a grave.

One of the graves I could find was that of James Pate who passed away in 2014.

He was a father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, and great-grandson of James, a former captain of the U.S. Navy.

He served in the Navy during the Civil War, fought in the Spanish-American War, and in World War I. He was the fourth son of John Pate and Mary Ann.

His great-great-uncle, Henry Pate was a Confederate General.

You may have seen him as one of the characters in the film The Birth of a Nation.

James Pate died at age 80, and Mary Pate passed away at age 90.

Now, I am sure that the cemetery is filled with all sorts of people, but they all look very much alike.

As I mentioned earlier, the cemetery was full of graves, but only a handful of them were the remains of Pate students.

This is where I am going to find the ones that look like Pate kids.

They are all the same, except for one thing.

Mary Ann Pate has been missing for years.

Her body was found in a shallow grave just outside the cemetery, and it was determined that she had been buried for many years.

I had to do some digging.

At first I thought that maybe she had died and was buried there, but then I learned that the family had been fighting for years to get the bodies of their missing daughter.

So, what does this all mean?

Well, it means that the Pates may be back at the cemetery soon.

But not all of them.

Some of them may be buried in a more remote location, and are being cared for by the PATE Foundation.

It is also possible that they are in hiding, and we may never know.

What can you do about this? 

There are many things you can do to help the family.

You can donate to the Pardon the Memory Fund. 

You can go to the website to learn more about James Pates legacy.

You may also visit the Pee-Tees Memorial Fund, where they are collecting money to help pay for the costs of the family’s burial.

You could also go to Pee’s gravesite in the woods and take a few pictures.

Also, if you want to give a tip to help find the Pays, you can send a postcard to the family in the Pidgeon area.

These are some tips to help you and your family.

I know that they will need all the help they can get. 

What do you think?

Are you a Pate family member?

Are there other Pate families that you know of?

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

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