The most common question that comes up in my practice groups is, “how to do basics exercises?”

I get a lot of questions like this, from people that want to get started in yoga, meditation, and other basic yoga practices but they aren’t sure how to do them.

They want to know what to do to get a sense of balance in their bodies, so that they can move more smoothly.

So here are the basics of basic yoga, the five basic poses, and a few other basic exercises that can be used for a variety of reasons.


The Belly Pose: Sitting on your back, facing the ground, your back straight, and your back flat, lean your body forward into a yoga pose.

This poses has three poses: the back-belly-down pose, the head-up-breathing pose, and the sitting-back-breath-in-bob pose.

The head-down-brief-bending pose has two poses: one that stretches your belly out and one that twists your belly into the ground.


The Lying-in Pose: Place your right hand on your chest, your left hand on top of your right arm, and keep your hips aligned with your body.

Your left hand should rest on top, with your thumb on the back of your shoulder blade.

Lean your left knee toward your torso and reach your right knee toward the left hip.

This pose has four poses: lying-in, standing-back, sitting-forward, and standing-up.


The Sitting-back Pose: Lie flat on your right side with your arms behind your back.

Bend your knees to 90 degrees, then straighten your left arm to your left hip and bring your right elbow to your side.

Keep your left elbow straight and keep both arms straight and straight, with both hands on your hips.

Keep both knees bent and your left wrist straight.

Lean the left arm toward your chest and bring the right elbow into the right knee.

Bend the left knee at the same time.

Keep the right arm bent.

Bring your head down toward the ground and straighten the right leg.

Bend both knees at the beginning of the pose.

Keep them straight throughout.


The Standing-up Pose: Sit down with your feet shoulder width apart and keep the right hand tucked under your chin.

Bend at the waist to about 60 degrees.

Bend one leg at a time at the top of the stretch.

Lean forward and keep all the weight on your left shoulder.

Bend each leg at the start of the stretching.

Bend and straightens your right leg, bring your left leg to the ground by bringing your right hip back to your shoulder, and bring both knees to the left side of your body by bringing both knees straight.

Keep all the pressure on your spine and bend both arms at the bottom of the bend.

Keep bending the left leg until you can bend it at the base of the movement, and then straightens the right.

Keep straightening your arms at each stretch.

You should feel a stretch in the muscles of the back and the back ribs.


The Narrow-leg Bend: Lie on your stomach and reach out your right foot and bring it into the bend, with the heel resting on the ground or the floor.

Bend it, bringing your back and hips up, and bend the right ankle to the floor, keeping your left ankle straight.

Bring the right hip up by bringing the right thigh toward your body, bringing both hands over your left waist.

Bend right knee at your hips and bring back leg straight to the table.

Keep left knee bent and bring hips up until you feel the stretch in your back muscles and your ribs.

Keep bent knee until you are ready to go up.

Keep knees straight until you go up to the point where you can walk without any pain.

This is the most basic form of yoga.

If you have more questions about yoga, you can read more about how to practice basic yoga on my blog.